Holiday stories can be very special, and this is one of the best…a family’s dream come true.

Late in the fall a struggling family was referred to Kinship Center to support the transition of four children, ages 7-14, back to their mother’s permanent care, and to create and maintain a stable living environment for the family.

Nancy, a veteran (above left with Kinship Center Wraparound Director Josie Roemhild), needed significant help getting back on her feet. The family was living in a VA homeless shelter and would need an apartment of their own as quickly as possible.

Kinship Center staff moved into high gear. In addition to providing professional therapeutic services to the family, staff members pulled together on the seemingly impossible task of finding and equipping an apartment during the challenging month of December. They solicited the help Kinship Center employees around the state and key contributors including the Change a Life Foundation, the SSA, and generous community members to grapple with rental deposits and other financial challenges.  As the family would need everything to equip a home…from furniture to toothpaste…Kinship Center Board members rallied their own families and networks to provide furniture and household items. One took on the complete equipping of the kitchen from top to bottom.

The result: Nancy and her children were able to move into their new home on December 17, just in time for Christmas together, complete with a donated tree, decorations and gifts for each family member. Kinship Center staff and volunteers celebrated the amazing accomplishment , made possible through the huge amount of time, labor, money,  dedication and prayers of many caring individuals and organizations who saw a family’s desperate desire to be together and have a new start.

Kinship Center sends a heartfelt thanks to all who gave so generously of themselves at this special season. The comments of staff members who spearheaded the effort? “It’s what Kinship Center does…”

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