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The Gift of Mobility Helps Two Kinship Center Families on November 22 as Part of Nationwide Gift

Downey, CA 11/22/10 10:00 am

Anaheim Hills, CA, November 11, 2010 — FIX AUTO body shops, together with insurance companies Esurance and Automobile Club of Southern California, will donate two refurbished cars to two local underprivileged families—both participants in the Kinship Center—as part of a large national initiative known as Recycled Ridestm. The program, which is sponsored by the National Auto Body Council (NABC), is making sure 150 families and charities around the country receive reliable transportation this year.

The local ceremony will take place Monday, November 22, 2010 at 9600 Stewart and Gray Road in Downey, California at 10:00 a.m.

The first local recipient family is headed by Ann, a single mom and grandmother with two daughters. One is an adult with a daughter of her own. The other is a 16-year-old living at home.

Ann is in the process of adopting her four-year-old granddaughter who has been exposed to significant neglect and abuse. As a result, Ann’s granddaughter has developed significant emotional and behavioral problems which require intensive therapy. Ann works full time and does her best to meet her daughter’s and granddaughter’s needs. In addition, she has been taking parenting classes to help her learn how to take care of a special needs child.

Ann’s car is over ten years old and has consistently broken down over the last year. This has created a hardship on the family as Ann has had to miss various therapy appointments. Being the sole supporter of her family, Ann does not have the resources to buy a reliable car, making the donated vehicle a true godsend.

The second family receiving a vehicle is headed by Margarite and her husband, who have been raising Margarite’s five grandchildren for over five years, starting when the youngest was six weeks old.

The birth parents of these children had a history of addiction and criminal behavior, resulting in all of the children entering the foster care system. Margarite did not want her grandchildren being separated into different foster homes, so she decided to take them into her own, with the help of the children’s aunt who also lives with them.

Margarite has successfully adopted all—girls aged 6 and 13, and boys aged 7, 9, and 11. Some of the children have special needs related to their history of abuse and neglect so there are many therapy appointments and activities on their schedule. The family currently owns a Taurus, which does not fit this family of eight. Because Recycled Rides specializes in refurbishing mini-vans and other family-sized vehicles, help will soon be on the way for Margarite.

Transportation is crucial to these loving, giving, growing families. They have been touched by hardships, but blessed with the opportunity to make a great difference. Help in the form of Recycled Rides and the Kinship Center will give them the opportunity to make their lives better.

“FIX AUTO is proud to have helped Kinship Center families receive valuable transportation the past three years,” states Rick Halopoff, owner of FIX AUTO Downey, operated by Little John’s Bodyworks. “I am grateful to be part of a project that clearly illustrates the giving nature of NABC members and the collision repair industry.”

About Recycled Rides: Recycled Rides™ is a community awareness project whereby members of the NABC repair and donate refurbished vehicles to families and service organizations in need throughout the United States. A “green” program, Recycled Rides™ recruits auto body shops, insurers, paint suppliers and parts vendors to contribute in their own specific ways. Recycled Rides™ is scheduled to make 150 simultaneous vehicle donations on November 22, 2010, the Monday before Thanksgiving.

About FIX AUTO: The FIX AUTO Network was established in 1997. Headquartered in Anaheim Hills, California, FIX AUTO USA currently has 171 network locations in the United States, including 29 branded locations in the Southern California, Pacific Northwest, and Mountain States markets. In addition, FIX AUTO also has 180 locations in Canada, making it one of North America’s largest networks of independently-owned collision repair facilities.

Additional facilities. Additional information about FIX AUTO is available at

About Kinship Center: Kinship Center is a California nonprofit agency dedicated to the creation, preservation and support of foster, adoptive and relative families for children who need them. This year Kinship Center begins its second quarter century of building stable, permanent families.

About Automobile Club of Southern California:

About Esurance:

About NABC: NABC is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the image of the collision industry. Our ongoing and continued success is a direct result of the efforts and support of our sponsoring companies and membership. Please contact NABC directly for membership information. Call 1-888-667-7433 (888-66PRIDE) or go to

NABC ~ Changing the image of our industry, one consumer at a time.

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