Bruised, Broken and Bonded by Love

“There is no stronger bond than the bond of two beings who find each other after struggling for so long…alone…afraid…and abandoned.”

The story of Rebekah is told by her adoptive mother in a recent article that won the grand prize in a contest sponsored by Arenus.

Abused since infancy, Rebekah finally found a safe, permanent home with a Kinship Center family. She also found Ali, a horse with a tragic past who has become a special friend. Ali came to Rebekah through the Equine Alliance, a nonprofit organization that rescues abused horses and provides emotional and physical healing to children through equine-based therapies. Kinship Center programs in San Luis Obispo County partner with the Equine Alliance on behalf of client children and families.

Rebekah’s story is a testament to the magic that can happen between two friends with past hardships. The real winner in the Arenus contest? Horse Ali has won a year’s supply of health food!

For information on Kinship Center mental health services in San Luis Obispo County, click here.

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