Emily's Story: "She's Truly a Miracle"

Abandoned at birth, Emily began her early life in temporary foster care until she returned to the hospital diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.  Doctors predicted she would not live past five years old.


When she came to the attention of Kinship Center staff, her medical condition was extremely delicate.  Without a loving family, we knew she would become another infant who failed to thrive from the lack of a secure attachment that all children require.  Immediately the search began for a family willing to open their hearts to this special child. 


That’s when Sally and Jerry entered her life.  They fell in love while making daily visits to the hospital, sitting and holding Emily for hours on end.  With the help of Kinship Center’s specialized training, they learned how to care for a medically fragile child.  When her condition stabilized, they brought her home to give her the best chance for a good life ahead with a stable, permanent, loving family. 


Emily is now a vibrant 7 year old who loves to run and play.  What used to be six days a week of treatment is now down to only two and her health continues to improve.  “She’s truly a miracle.” said Sally, “We know we’ve changed her life, but she’s also changed ours.”


Kinship Center serves more than 2,500 children a year giving them a second chance at life, whether they’re abandoned and medically fragile like Emily, or suffering from the trauma of emotional and physical abuse.


If you would like to help Kinship Center give that second chance, please consider making a tax deductible donationYou can also click here to see other ways you can give.

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