Foster Youth School Records Transfered Digitally in San Francisco

Exciting news in the world of education for foster youth!  The San Francisco Unified School district is one of the most recent California school districts to begin using Foster Focus.  This web-based program will allow the electronic transfer of school records for foster youth, which typically take weeks to obtain by social workers and school administrators when a child in foster care is transferred to a new school.  The immediate transfer of records means that children in care are able to not have lapses in school attendance due to paperwork delays.  Additionally, school administrators are able to appropriately align students with special needs, learning disabilities or other accommodations in the classroom to have those requirements addressed upon entering the new school.  Additional support for the Foster Focus database system is being funded by the Stuart Foundation, which seeks to aid the Sacramento County Office of Education in tracking the educational outcomes of foster children and youth.

Click here to read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle, including former foster youth reactions to the new system.

Click here to learn about the Stuart Foundation and their support for this program and

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