Open Adoptions are a National Trend: Study finds that 95% of U.S. infant adoptions have openness

A New National Trend...

The Washington Times recently ran an article discussing the trend to open adoption among domestic infant adoptions. An estimated 95 percent of U.S. infant adoptions now have some level of openness between birth parents and adoptive parents, unlike earlier decades, when such contact was routinely denied, says a report released Wednesday. (Info provided by Voice for Adoption)

According to data on 4,400 recent adoptions from 100 agencies, 55 percent of domestic infant adoptions are “fully disclosed.” This means birth and adoptive families know each other and typically have ongoing, direct contact . Another 40 percent of infant adoptions are “mediated,” which means families exchange letters and pictures through intermediaries, but they do not know each other. The remaining 5 percent of infant adoptions are “closed” or “confidential,” which means adoptive parents have medical information about biological parents, but not names or identifying information.

Click here to access the New York Times article. 

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