The Power of a Story: Orange County Teens Win Laptops Sharing Their Story of Being Bullied

The Orange County Social Services Agency LGBT League (OCSSA) wanted to shed a light on bullying so they provided an opportunity for teens to write an essay describing why they think it is important for schools to address the issue of bullying. The best 3 writers would win a new laptop with software and a carrying case.

Tustin Wraparound shared this opportunity with our families.  Kinship Center’s Youth Partner, Courtney Davenport, strongly encouraged two of her teens to submit an essay.  With her support, these two girls wrote powerful essays that shared their experiences as victims of bullying.  These essays provided a stage for them to speak out and have hope that their stories will prevent others from becoming victims. Not only was it a personal victory for each of these girls but also their essays were so impactful that they were announced as winners!  Of the three winners, two were teens from Tustin Wraparound!!

One girl wrote: “Maybe if the teachers at school had noticed that something was wrong, things would have been better. I could be a better student. But in a way I’m glad they didn’t try to stop what was going on. I am a stronger person today because of it. I believe that what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger. And trust me; it made me a hell of a lot stronger. When no one has the courage to step up for those who get picked on, I’m there. If there is any way I can stop it, even just for a little while, I will. Someone has to make the difference.”

This is an excerpt from the other winner: “Imagine being terrified to go to school or even to work because of being afraid of someone making fun of you, calling you names and making you feel unaccepted and worthless.

“I want to die so this all ends” is what many victims of bullying think about on a daily basis as a way to cope with such a malicious situation.

I say this because I am a victim of bullying and that was my reality for so many years. I believe that our community needs to stop procrastinating regarding this issue and act against bullying. Bullies need to understand that their actions are detrimental to others and will no longer be accepted.”

These two courageous girls will made a difference in someone’s life and a thank you goes to OCSSA LGBT League and Courtney Davenport for providing the opportunity & making a difference in the lives of these girls.

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