Deanna’s Story

When Deanna’s mother went to jail, the nine-year-old was placed in foster care. Four years later, at 13, she came to the attention of Kinship Center, who found a potential adoptive family for this abused, angry, unmanageable teenager. Kinship Center social workers provided special training to prepare the new parents to handle Deanna’s challenges. With many months of counseling, therapy and support from Kinship Center, Deanna and her new parents are becoming a strong, healthy family.




Angelica’s Story

Angelica, 16, was pregnant, frightened and alone. She heard about Kinship Center from a friend and made an appointment. Through counseling, Angelica became confident enough to talk to her family and the baby’s birth father and ultimately involve them in a decision to place the baby for adoption. Through Kinship Center, the baby boy was placed with a loving adoptive couple, where he is able to maintain some contact with his birth mother. And Angelica and her boyfriend have been supported through a difficult process.


Deanna's Story
When Deanna's mother went to jail, the nine-year-old was placed in a series of temporary homes before..
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