Relative (Kinship) Care Services in Monterey County

Located at:
124 River Road, Salinas, CA 93908
1180 Broadway Street, King City, CA 93930

Relative (Kinship) Caregiver Support Program (“Family Ties”)
For residents of Monterey County


The Family Ties Program offers comprehensive case management services to near kin and relative caregivers who have unexpectedly taken on the care of children. Upon referral to the program, Case Managers conduct needs assessments with  the caregivers to identify and coordinate all of the services that will be needed by the family while they are receiving services. Caregivers are seen monthly, if not more, to help them find community resources/programs to address their  identified needs.  The program’s case management services coupled with the legal guardianship assistance, recreational activities for the kids, teen club activities and ongoing caregiver support groups provides a comprehensive system of support for the families. The caregiver  support groups are especially helpful to the participants. They provide a forum for caregivers to learn, exchange practical information, and to gain skills and confidence.

Other services include parent education groups and professional mental health counseling through Kinship Center’s D’Arrigo Children’s Clinic in Salinas.

A bi-monthly newsletter provides information and a schedule of activities for local kinship families.  Click here for the most recent addition.

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